Why choose T Signs

The sign industry has many companies specialising in a wide range of signage types and materials. Additionally, sign companies offer a variety of services to their customers, including design, manufacturing, installation, retrofitting of buildings, securing of planning permission, and even long-term maintenance agreements.

I am delighted to say that T-Signs is able to offer all of the above and we can direct you to clients who will testify how delighted they are.

There are so many different materials to choose from nowadays. T-Signs is able to guide you through this maze, for instance should you choose a molded plastic sign or a carved wood sign?

The materials used in a sign will greatly impact how long the sign will last and how expensive it will be to maintain. The sign will be exposed to all sorts of weather and temperature extremes. We will advise you on how many years you can expect the sign to serve your business and factor that into your buying decision. If you expect to use your sign for many years, you will want to be sure the sign is constructed from durable materials and that you can afford to keep it in good condition. A dilapidated sign will not do your business any favours.

The important factor is T-Signs will provide a quality sign that will satisfy your unique communication needs at a reasonable price you can afford.